October 8, 2009

Lil Marv- G-Shock Produced by E-dog

I was put on to lil marv threw my younger nigga e-dog.I luv to support local artist and more importantly I luv to support the youth, so I had to put this song up. Although I dont fuck wit G-Shocks I fuck wit the music, Lil Marv has his own swagger about himself wich is a rarerity at a young age & and the beat is dope. Im glad to see some promise in the future of Cleveland Artist!

short bio about Lil Marv....
Marquis "Lil Marv" Frazier was born March 15th, 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio. He had an interest in music at an early age, and always loved to listen to Hip-Hop and Rap. He started rapping in 2006 with M.A.P. (Money Aint a Problem) and then later quit the group and became solo. Lil Marv started making songs for myspace and mixtapes, and even featured in local Cleveland rapper Edog's album "The Explosion of Stardom" (2008). Lil Marv has goals and dreams to be the star of the year and to make it to the top. He plans to finish his new album: "Swagger Season" in November and to hopefully find a label this winter.

"Any song can be a hit, it just takes hard work." - Lil Marv