December 13, 2009

Mixtape Review: Millennium aka Mill- The Hitlist vol.1

so this week I can honstly say ive been wantin to listen to some good hometown music. and dont you know it my nigga mill drops a new mixtape! Now ive been fuckin wit Mill for bout 3yrs now and he jus gets better and better as a artist is suppose to. As a fellow rapper producer I got to say fuck wit him on both sides of a song. His witty metaphors over gritty beats is a always good combo to me. "The Hitlist" seems like the perfect intro to Mill. It gives a good general sense of who he is and what his music is all about. A must download Show the cleveland boys some love.

link for mixtape:

favorite song: "yall Niggas Aint Shit"

Rating: 8/10