June 9, 2014

Fresh Featured Artist: Bigga Bud ( @therealbiggabud )

we've been watching this young artist grow for years now and he never ceases to amaze us. we think hes some type of cyborg because he keeps learning and getting better. still looking further into that. non the less Bigga Bud has earned his right to be a fresh featured artist. after doing a small stint in the air force he finally releases his first project " Just another mixtape" , very enticing tittle. 

The air force was a beautiful expericence for bud simply because of the cultural exposure. This allowed him to harnse and perfect his craft. and with "Just Another Mixtape" you can see he spent his time wisely. 

Bigga Bud mixes a smooth delivery, with witty punchlines  over a arrangement of beats. truly pleasing to any listener, if your into street music, to political music, to just straight hip hop bigga bud is here to supply what you need. sit back and enjoy Bigga Bud

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