June 2, 2014

Fresh Featured Artist: Slim Slater / Larry Chan (@slim_slater)

Its been awhile since we've had a featured artist so why not come back with someone extremely dope?

The homie Larry Chan has been working on his premier release for over 2yrs now and he has finally hit the world with "Learning how to drive in a cadillac ".
Threw out his journey Larry has done shows, features,( 2 for the Super Villian Starkks along with others) and starting his clothing line (p.o.o.r, Product Of Overwhelming Restrictions). Mr. Chan also did some soul searching with in this time and decided to change his Name to Slim Slater. Were going to get an interview with him to figure out the origin for the name change. Non the less it sparked his fuel for releasing his project so it can be nothing but good.

"Learning How to Drive in Cadillac" is a story of young boy becoming a man, via drugs, money and of course women. its intresting to listen to, you can hear the influence of drugs, money and of course women. its very good CD to sit back and play all the way through. slim created a very "controlled project" it has features from Wolfie Baby & Kick dose, and very few producers, Wrldstrhndrx , Rio the Mechanic, goldfacemoneywatch, Nico, and Tony Starkks. 

if your into LSD this CD is for you......
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